Process Automation System


Process automation systems

Vengcon has used Rockwell standard PlantPAx since the release of version 1.0

VengcoN was responsible for Rockwell Automations DCS solution at Jurag. The implementation was created as a PlantPAx showcase.  Vengcon has so far successfully used PlantPax as a base for...

a. Bag filter

b. CIP

c. Brewery

d. Bio- Oil

e. Waste incineration

Bio Oil Production

Control System

Vengcon has supplied control system and ATEX I/O CBS # 1 site for Steeper Energy.

This plant deliverd to Aalborg University for research. CBS #1 is only a fraction of the size relative to a full-scale plant. The control system is based on the Rockwell Standards PlantPAx and LBSM.

The purpose of the CBS # 1 is to convert the biomass into oil by running it through a reactor that is put both under termendous pressure and temperature..

Allen Bradley PLC5 to CLX conversion

Process automation systems

Vengcon has converted several Rockwell PLC 5 plants to CLX latest technology for our customers.

The conversion will be done without any change in the wiring in the panel and can be performed in a few hours.

At one of the ARLA’s Danish dairy plants Vengcon has converted a big-bag packing machine installation to CLX control equipment. ARLA sent the running PLC program to Vengcon a few weeks before scheduled replacement.

CTI to CLX conversion

Process automation systems

Vengcon re-commissioned a PLC control system for a Site during a one week industrial vacation.

The process control system had for years be executed from a CTI-controller, but the Site has changed control implementation strategy in favor of Rockwell Automation.

The CTI-controller executed more than 10.000 rungs and the logic is now auto-converted with a conversion-software package created by Vengcon's programming engineers.

The conversion also included all Profibus fieldbus nodes in the system - frequency drives, HMI-monitors and remotes I/O modules.


Control System

Throughout decades Vengcon has designed complete electrical system, instrumentation and control system for many Airlaid paper machines around the World as a total solution.

Airlaid paper machines are several floors in height and can be as long as 100 meter. The machines have 30.000 I/O points, several hundred motors, hundred frequency converters, an advanced line control for belt speed and a giant air conditioning system.


Automation and Monitoring

Vengcon has delivered and commissioned several industrial control systems for spray driers.

For many years Vengcon has been a supplier to GEA Niro A/S. Vengcon has designed, supplied and commissioned several spray drying installations.

For most installations Vengcon provides electrical design, process instrumentation and control system. For new installations Vengcon often supplies motor control center. For existing plant upgrades, Vengcon helps the customer to refurbish existing equipment.

As part of scope of supply, Vengcon has commissioned most of our supplies around the World. Documentation has been provided in second language as Spanish, French, German and Russian.


Process automation systems

Vengcon has helped to develop and launch one of Denmark's first and largest wave energy machines together with Wavestar. Vengcon was in charge of the overall development of the Rockwell-based control system and the redundant infrastructure which ensures that the wave energy machine is protected against storms.

Vengcon was involved from the wave energy machine was on the drawing board, the development of management principles, construction of the 200 t heavy machine and commissioning of the wave energy machine in Hanstholm in Jutland - Denmark.

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