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Get support to plant installations - news and old ones...


To ensure maximum uptime at your facility, remote support is a beneficial option.


VENGCON can provide different solutions that make it possible to get support for your system - when you needs it.


Our support solutions are either based on software or hardware options. All options are reliable and safe VPN-connections.



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More than 20 years experience with Automation, Scada and MES systems.

There are always remote support options for systems supplied by VENGCON

VENGCON offers a VPN connection with new panels and systems. This consists of a eWON box which is mounted in a cabinet or near the supplied PLC. This is simply connected to the customer Internet access and the customer now has the opportunity always to get support.

Unlike other VPN solutions, Vengcons solution does requires any access the customer’s network. The box calls, so to speak, back home over the open Internet.


Ensure permanent connections between your installations

VENGCON is working with Secomea to deliver secure broadband connections over the Internet for data collection between plants. These lines are monitored and both we and the customer are immediately notified automatically by email if there are problems with components on the line- This applies to PLCs, PCs as well as data servers.


Contact us for more information and possible solutions for your facility.

Need support now...?

Download TeamViewer Quick Support application and get instant help via your monitor.


The program does not install anything on your PC and is gone again after support session has ended.